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3 Simple and Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft and Supple in the Winter

3 Simple and Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft and Supple in the Winter

Who doesn't enjoy a long, hot shower during the winter? However, dermatologists advise that in order to keep your skin healthy, bathe in lukewarm water for not more than 10-15 minutes. Hot water depletes the natural oils from your skin, leaving it feeling dry, and aggravating existing skin conditions like eczema.

When the temperature drops, taking a cold shower might be difficult. Instead, you could start with warm water and slowly reduce the temperature as you bathe, ending with a cold splash to retain your skin's healthy and happy shine. Here are three tips you could try as a part of your winter skin care regimen for healthy and glowing skin.

Indulge in body butters

The skin needs extra nourishment when the weather gets cold. Using a body butter enriched with Cocoa Butter will help replenish your skin's lost moisture and give it a healthy glow. Cocoa Butter improves skin suppleness by retaining moisture between the layers of your skin and preventing moisture loss. Your skin will be happy with quick-absorbing, non-greasy nourishment. You could also opt for oil-based moisturizers enriched with Jojoba and Almond Oil.

Dab the moisturizer onto damp skin

As soon as you step out of the shower, lock-in your skin's healthy glow by applying a moisturizer. Damp skin enables better absorption of moisture since the skin pores are open after a shower. The moisturizer combines with the water still on your body to better hydrate your skin, resulting in a healthy glow.

Scrub away dead skin cells

Follow a night time ritual of gently exfoliating your skin and immediately applying a moisturizer. Pay special attention to the elbows, hands, knees, and feet. Massage a deep moisturizing cream into your skin and seal in the moisture by wearing gloves and socks before you doze off.

Your skin will look healthy and radiant with these basic steps. But, be sure to keep your skin hydrated from within by including a lot of fluids in your diet. Munching on dry fruits rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 will also increase your skin's internal hydration and give it a healthy and happy glow even during winter!