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3 Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated and Healthy in the Summer!

3 Ways to Keep Your Lips Hydrated and Healthy in the Summer!

April is here, and along with it, the sultry summer season! As the mercury level rises, your skin is going to bear the brunt of the heat. And, while you are busy applying sunscreen, you may forget that your lips need some extra care and attention too. The healthy plumpness of your lips can really get affected by the harsh summer. With the skin of your lips being comparatively thinner than your face, your happy smile can get affected by sun damage that causes skin darkening, dryness, and chapping. Follow these three simple steps to give your lips a healthy suppleness throughout the scorching heat of this season.

1. Stay hydrated from the inside out

Your luscious lips can look dull due to dehydration. The first step to nourish them is to stay well hydrated. Drink enough water at regular intervals, and the droplets of water that are left behind after a sip can be gently dabbed into the skin to retain the fluid balance. Water helps in keeping your lips and skin hydrated by restoring moisture.

2. Scrub off dry skin

A mild sugar scrub can help your lips get back the healthy natural color and plumpness. You could also use your toothbrush to gently exfoliate the dry and chapped skin from your lips twice a week. Scrubbing improves circulation and makes your lips soft.

3. Keep your lips protected at all times

Carry your favorite lip balm with natural ingredients with you. Keep your lips well moisturized and protect them from sunburn with a generous coat of lip balm with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Especially before bedtime, apply lip balm to help your lips rejuvenate overnight. Opt for a lip balm packed with the goodness of Orange and the protection of SPF 30, PA+++ (protection grade from UVA rays), and Vitamin E.

Avoid licking your lips when they are chapped; the saliva further evaporates moisture. If your lips are extremely dry and are bleeding, you could gently rub some ice over them to cool the skin down. And, don't forget to apply a lip balm with sunscreen and Vitamin C before you go out in the sun. These preventive measures can help soothe your lips with enough hydration and protection to help you flaunt a happy and healthy smile this summer.