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Himalaya's comprehensive range for men includes Himplasia, a product for older men. Launched in 2002, Himplasia is a unique polyherbal product that addresses problems that arise from the aging prostate, a product of Himalaya's extensive research process.

The prostate gland, part of the male reproductive system, located near the urethra (a tube which carries off urine), begins to enlarge after 40 years leading to a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (or BPH) that chokes urine outflow in older men. BPH increases with age - it affects around 80% men above 70 years.

BPH symptoms include a frequent urge to urinate, dribbling urine, nighttime awakening to urinate that trouble older men. Himplasia ingredients not only reduce prostate weight, but also improve urinary flow (the two most bothersome symptoms of BPH). Both actions of Himplasia are clinically documented with 11 research papers, including publications in two international journals. Puga improves urinary flow and Varuna decreases prostate weight.

Himplasia, safe, effective, devoid of troublesome side effects, can be started early in people having moderate symptoms of BPH to decrease risk of further prostate enlargement. Himplasia has effectively reduced the burden of BPH in a majority of the aging population since its launch.