hat if we told you that postnatal massages can help you lose weight, get your skin back to normal, and help heal you from within?

It’s true! Gentle strokes of postpartum massage can help you feel de-stressed and be relieved of aches and pains
Read compelling reasons as to why you should get a postnatal massage!
Importance of massage post Pregnancy
Dr. Vidya, Consultant Dermatologist, talks to us about the importance of a postnatal massage.
Ashvagandha is one of the world’s oldest herbs used in Ayurveda to treat physical and psychological stress. Ashvagandha is an all season herb which has been used from time immemorial in Ethiopia for arthritis, and in Pakistan for wound healing. It offers special healing properties in postnatal care by protecting skin, calming anxiety, and reducing inflammation. Combined with Sesame Oil, Ashvagandha’s properties are further enhanced to provide the best therapeutic care for mothers.

After my delivery, I started off a massage with coconut oil, which led to rashes, itchiness, and redness. I had to then use a baby massage oil. Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil has worked well for my sensitive skin not causing any irregularities. The oil has a light fragrance as opposed to other Ayurvedic oils which have a pungent odor. It does have a very soothing and relaxing effect on the mind and body. It can be used during pregnancy or any time later for a relaxing massage. I have been using the oil to massage my hands and legs before bathing, and sometimes before bedtime. The texture of the oil is smooth and slightly runny. It spreads out on the body, easily making it very comfortable for a massage. It leaves a thin shiny and not very sticky layer on the skin after a massage.



- Jasmeet, Educationist & Mompreneur, Mumbai