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Summer is finally here! The sun is out and you can’t wait to spend some time outdoors, getting a healthy tan and reveling in the warm glow of the sun on your skin. While basking in the sun can be such an agreeable pastime, applying a sunscreen lotion while soaking up the golden rays is an absolute essential!

Prolonged exposure to the sun minus a good sunscreen leads to irreversible damages like premature aging, sunburns etc.

Although sunscreen is often the only defense people use against the sun, using it right is most important. A good sunscreen has two purposes: it helps the skin maintain its natural oils and moisture, which can be lost through exposure to the sun's radiation. Secondly, sunscreen also protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays, whose damaging effects have increased markedly with the reduction in the atmosphere's ozone layer.

Sunscreens to consider using are those that block UV-A and UV-B rays, both of which are damaging to the skin .

Protective Sunscreen LotionHimalaya’s Protective Sunscreen Lotion with the power of CINNABLOC:

Himalaya’s Protective Sunscreen Lotion is a 100% herbal cosmeceutical made with the active sunscreen agent, CINNABLOC.

CINNABLOC is a natural cinnamate, derived from extracts of rhizomes of Spiked Ginger Lily and Greater Galangal. CINNABLOC protects the skin from harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Himalaya has received a US patent for discovering Cinnobloc and successfully! using it as an effective sunscreen agent!

Himalaya’s Sunscreen comes with a Sun Protection Factor of 15 (SPF 15). This is perfect for Indian skin and Indian summers. Sunscreen with SPF15 provides you maximum protection from UVB rays and allows a person to stay out in the sun 15 times longer than they otherwise would have.

Most of us think that a higher SPF means more sun protection. But this is not necessarily so- an SPF of 50 only provides 1-2% more protection than an SPF30.

It is important to know that SPF only applies to UVB rays. The protection against UVA rays comes from other ingredients and in the case of Himalaya’s CINNABLOC powered lotion, the UVA rays are screened by the herb Greater Galangal or Mahabharivacha, which has natural skin protectent actions.


Himalaya has been granted a US Patent for discovering a natural sunscreen composition and using this in a cosmeceutical product.

The active sunscreen agent CINNABLOC is extracted from the herbs Hedychium spicatum and Alpinia galangal that have natural UV rays protectant properties.

The patented sunscreen composition gives your skin protection from UVA and UVB rays.


Apart from the sun-shielding properties of CINNABLOC, Himalaya’s sunscreen also has the goodness of herbs like Aloe Vera, a fantastic moisturizer and Crab Apple, which prevents skin cell degeneration and premature aging.

This sunscreen is suitable for all skin types- even the most sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested and the natural ingredients not only prevent the darkening of skin but also provide it with nourishment and care.

Despite all the protection which a good sunscreen offers, it is important not to overdo your fun in the sun! Getting a healthy tan is great provided it is done in moderate measure.

Always burns easily, never tans (Sensitive) 8 – 15
Always burns easily, tans minimally (Sensitive) 6 - 7
Burns moderately, tans gradually (Light brown, Normal) 4 - 5
Burns minimally, always tans well (Moderate brown, Normal) 2 - 3
Barely burns, tans profusely (Dark brown, Insensitive) 2
Never burns, deeply pigmented (Insensitive) Not indicated
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