Watch an honest conversation with mothers about realizations, acceptance, connecting with baby, emotional unpreparedness, and why it’s all worth it in the end.

Discover the journey from being a couple to a family, the changes in marital relationships, and rebuilding the lost connect and bond with your spouse.

From losing baby flab to choosing comfort over style, watch how having a baby changes a mother’s personality and perception of beauty.

Growing up with baby and discovering new ways of expressing love, mothers talk about how they are learning to cherish the simple joys of life through baby.

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Every mother has special memories when moments with baby reveal a world of happiness. Here are some adorable and heartfelt moments these mothers shared.

From embracing your maternal instincts to making the right decisions for baby, mothers take you through the overwhelming journey of motherhood.

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Priyanka voices every new mother’s excitement of having a baby and the disappointment of losing out on ‘me’ time.

Nishita talks about how it feels when your child becomes the center of everybody’s identity, and you begin to question your own sense of being.

Ayesha shares her experiences of striking a balance between wanting the best for her baby girl and the importance of getting the best from life for herself.

From surprises to routines, a day in the life of a mother can be quite a rollercoaster ride. Take note as mothers share their experiences and tips on handling baby.

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