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During pregnancy, every mother becomes extremely cautious about what she eats or applies topically as it can affect the baby. But, that does not mean she has to stop caring for herself. In fact, a branch of Ayurveda, called Kaumarabhritya, has prescribed principles of caring for baby as well as the mother during pregnancy.

Our scientists have woven in these principles along with aromatherapy to create a personal care solution that will relax and heal your body while also providing a calming and tranquilizing therapeutic effect. Each and every product has been formulated for the specific needs of a mother and is backed by extensive scientific research to provide maximum safety and efficacy, without any side effects. We have used science to keep each solution rooted in tender, yet effective healing and care.

You can be assured that when you choose our Soothing Body Butter or use our Nipple Care Butter to soothe sore nipples, you are using the safest and mildest solution there is!

It's a promise to make your journey through motherhood more relaxing, smoother and healthier.

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The Power of Herbs:

We have extensively studied the quality and efficacy of over 10,000 herbs. Scientific research proves the efficacy of herbs used in our products.

The Power of Fragrances:

Relaxing fragrances play a pivotal role in mood regulation and de-stressing during pregnancy. We have used the soothing fragrance of Lavender for its mind calming properties, the stimulating fragrance of Jasmine that rejuvenates the senses and the uplifting fragrance of Rose that brightens mood.

The Power of Safety:

Our products have undergone extensive safety studies which attest to their safety and efficacy for both mother and fetus. Gentle on the skin without any side effects, our products are backed by extensive scientific research.

The Power of Clinical Testing:

Our products have gone through safety and efficacy studies for the complete well-being of your skin and have been approved by leading doctors, gynecologists and dermatologists.