Anti Hair Loss Cream

The only side-effect is hair growth

Anti Hair Loss Cream

Key ingredients:

  • Butea Gum Tree, also known as the 'flame of the forest', is indigenous to India. The herb has astringent properties and is especially useful in scalp treatments.
  • Climbing Butea strengthens hair from the root, which in turn increases the hair's tensile strength.

What it does:

Directions for use:

Pack size:

50 ml and 100 ml.

Tell me more:

A clinical study done at the Department of Dermatology at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India, evaluated the clinical efficacy and safety of Anti Hair Loss Cream in the management of alopecia areata. The study concluded that Anti Hair Loss Cream is effective in minimizing hair loss and generating a fresh crop of new hair if used for a period of six months.

Another study done at the VS Hospital & NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad, India, evaluated the efficacy and safety of Anti Hair Loss Cream in the management of telogen effluvium. The results revealed a 'significant reduction in the associated symptoms along with a significant improvement in the tensile strength of hair, in the mean number of hairs lost after one-minute combing, in the hair follicle count in a selected shaved scalp area, and also a significant reduction in the number of exclamation point hairs'.

Did you know?

Himalaya's Anti Hair Loss Cream is the world's first hair loss treatment based on a bioactive enriched herbal extract. After years of researching nature, we discovered and developed a unique bioactive extract from the plants Palasha and Palashabheda, which is effective in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth.

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