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Care for Good Health


Isn't it pure joy to make someone smile?

Muskaan in Hindi means smile. Himalaya Lip Care is collaborating on a project with Smile Train India, an international non-profit company, to create more smiles by providing free correctional surgeries for cleft lip and palate deformities in underprivileged children.

The Muskaan initiative receives INR 2 from the sale of each unit of Himalaya Lip Care.


Jyothi was born with a cleft lip and palate to a farmer couple in Darbur village, Karnataka. She lived with an unrepaired cleft lip and palate for 14 years which prevented her from eating, speaking or even breathing freely. She spent her days with low self-esteem and dropped out of primary school due to fear of social rejection. Today, however, she is able to lead a normal life, leaving her days with a cleft palate a distant memory. Inspired by the significant change that the surgery could bring about, Himalaya Lip Care has partnered with Smile Train India, an international children's charity organization. Through this collaboration, we have launched Muskaan, an initiative across India, to offer cleft lip and palate correction surgeries to economically challenged children in the 3 month to 15 year age bracket.


Cleft palates are more than just a disability; they leave emotional scars and prevent children from having a healthy childhood. In India, nearly 35,000 children are born with cleft lip and palate defects each year, while over a million live their lives with unrepaired cleft palates due to lack of surgical care. Yet, reaching out to the deprived with medical care is challenging due to the lack of awareness of the issue and a scarcity of funds.


Himalaya has overcome these obstacles by partnering with Smile Train India which works with local doctors to deliver excellent cleft care. Using an integrated marketing communication plan, Himalaya Lip Care, through Muskaan, will create a voice and raise awareness on cleft lip and palate defects.

Smile Train India has systems and processes in place to ensure they reach out to those in need of corrective cleft lip and palate surgery. Himalaya Lip Care has committed to 100 surgeries in its initial year of partnership. While it's just a beginning, our aim is to ensure children in need of cleft surgeries have access to treatment at a young age when healing is faster.


Himalaya strives to give renewed hope to children and their families with Muskaan. After all, gifting a smile is all it takes for a second chance in life.

Helping diagnose osteoporosis

Himalaya runs free diagnostic medical camps to test for osteoporosis and provide appropriate medical alternatives. The Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test camps can diagnose osteoporosis in its initial stages, when patients do not display any overt symptoms.

Himalaya conducts 600 - 700 camps annually across India. Trained Himalaya personnel including doctors, technicians and field staff travel to remote areas with specialized diagnostic equipment to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

This ongoing initiative has helped many patients in ‘high-risk’ categories. Early detection has prevented their condition from deteriorating and developing into full-blown osteoporosis at a later stage.

Raising awareness for diabetes

Often referred to as ‘the silent epidemic’, diabetes has become a major health concern across the world. Since 2008, Himalaya has been conducting Diabetes Detection Camps across India. Doctors from Himalaya carry out random blood sugar tests and refer patients for treatment if abnormal sugar levels are detected.

Information in the local language is disseminated at health clinics to educate the general public on the disease and healthy lifestyle alternatives. Since the start of this initiative, Himalaya has reached out to over 300,000 people across India.